10 Awesome Ideas That Were Cut From WWE

Imagine if these plans actually went down.

William Regal WWE title

Booking hundreds of hours of entertainment a year for the better part of a century is not an easy feat, yet it's what the WWE have been doing for us since the company first launched in the early 1960s.

The number of plans, ideas, stories, and moments that actually made it into public is completely immeasurable, so imagine just how many of them never left the meeting room.

Sometimes, wrestling fans hear of a idea that almost came to be and think "Wow, thank God that never happened!"

McMahon incest storyline, anyone?

Other times though, their reaction will be like "Damn, wish that had actually gone through!" That's what we're talking about here.

These ten plans either got started on TV or were heavily rumoured, but were never actually seen through to completion.

Suspensions and firings play a large part in why, but sometimes the creative team just lose interest in a project and abandon it without having the good grace to wrap everything up for us viewers.

The landscape of WWE today could have looked very different had any of these prospective plans actually been allowed to finish.

10. Raven’s Deadly Sins

William Regal WWE title

Few wrestlers have had such extreme gimmick changes over the years as Scott Levy.

Originally introduced to WWE fans as the upper class socialite Johnny Polo, Levy returned to the company in 2000 under the guise that he had perfected in ECW and WCW.

The grungiest grungester to ever grunge, Raven's dark and brooding personality was bang on the money for the time period. He continued to prove that he had his finger firmly on the pulse with this idea.

Inspired by the film Se7en, Raven began a storyline revolving around the seven deadly sins. In the first vignette of the narrative, Raven paid a man to eat a sandwich he had rubbed on his feet. This was to symbolise greed, hopefully not lust.

Although, if that's your thing, then no judgement.

Sadly, this intriguing premise never went anywhere, as the story was killed shortly thereafter. Raven had one of the most creative minds in the business at the time, so it's a shame that we'll never get to know what his grand vision was for this arc.

Hopefully it didn't involve more feet.

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