10 Awesome Indie Matches You MUST Watch On WWE Network

9. Kyle O'Reilly VS Austin Theory (EVOLVE 125, 2019)

Drew McIntyre vs. Johnny Gargano Evolve

This is essential viewing for those who appreciate the staggering talent of both these competitors, with Kyle O'Reily displaying some of the martial arts grit seen more recently in his NXT Takeover match with Finn Balor, and with Austin Theory being simply, well... awesome.

It's also a great back-story for those who only know Theory from his non-starter run in WWE Raw. This EVOLVE match proves that he is a fantastic heel, able to draw a lovely amount of heat from the crowd. Such antics include repeatedly p**sing off the announcer, and shouting audible taunts during the match, something that works most effectively in a small indie venue. His magnetic villainy knows no bounds, and the fans riff off it with enjoyable noisiness.

As O'Reily and Theory give it their all for this title match, there is little more to say than, watch and enjoy! It's a stylistic crowd-pleaser crossed with a technical belter. Both wrestlers are pure fire, and loving their job throughout.


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