10 Awesome Real Wrestler Names That Are Better Than Their Ring Names

9. The Rechsteiners


The Steiner Brothers are one of the most legendary tag teams in professional wrestling history, let alone most legendary brother tag teams.

Rick and Scott made a name for themselves by suplexing dudes and dropping them on their heads all over the globe. Scott Steiner went on to become Big Poppa Pump and the greatest mathematician in wrestling history, whereas Rick went into real estate and politics.

Professional wrestling, ladies and gentlemen!

Now, 'The Steiner Brothers' works just fine, but when you find out that the brothers' surname is actually Rechsteiner you begin to wonder just why the 'Rech' was dropped in the first place. I mean, come on, it is pronounced 'WRECK-steiner'. The Michigan natives made themselves famous by, quite literally, wrecking guys.

It is just too easy to miss, surely.

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