10 Awesome Storylines That WWE Totally Ruined

How do you ruin a good thing? Ask WWE's writers...


Great storylines are supposed to be the glue that holds professional wrestling together. Matches exist not only as an athletic spectacle, but a tool through which the performers act out their tales. Without motivations, stakes, and a solid narrative, the matches lose much of their value and become near insignificant affairs with no consequences for the winner and loser.

The matches are the sport’s foundation, but the characters and storylines are what reel fans in. At its best, pro-wrestling is one of the most exciting and unique storytelling mediums on the planet, but at its worst, it’s an absolute shambles.

WWE’s creative team has been drawing fans’ ire for years, and for good reason. Classic storylines like Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon and the Hogan, Savage, and Elizabeth saga are timeless gems, but the writers fluff their lines more often than not.

Though rarely as laughably bad as TNA or latter day WCW, WWE have thrown out some atrocious angles over the years. The Rey Mysterio/Eddie Guerrero custody battle and the Anonymous Raw General Manager set new lows for the company and left fans exasperated, but if there’s one thing worse than a story that’s bad throughout, it’s one that starts with a roar and ends with a whimper.

For a variety of reasons, WWE Creative have an annoying habit of running good things into the ground, particularly when it comes to angle. History is littered with stories that promised so much, but ended in complete disaster, and here are the very worst of them.


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