10 Awful Moves Talented Wrestlers Need To Stop Using

How was The Starship Pain ever taken seriously as a finisher?!

Jeff Hardy

What really makes an awful move in wrestling?

Is it the execution? Is it the performer taking the move? Is it the logic behind the move? Well, all of this can be down to personal preference. One of the most over moves in the history of the sport was The Rock running backwards and forwards before landing a standing elbow drop on his opponent. The People's Elbow would get a huge pop from the crowd but looking at in isolation...it is a terrible move!

There are numerous wrestlers working today who have implemented terrible finishers or signatures into their arsenal. Doing these moves has become part of their repertoire but we can't help but see through the fa├žade. We, as fans, often point out how the move lacks impact or doesn't look cool. How it breaks the immersion of the show and takes viewers out of the matches. How it can often be the make or break of some match ups, especially when it is involved in the finishing sequences.

While you can't judge a performer by one arrow in their quiver, we can just scream at the TV "NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!"

10. Chris Jericho - Judas Effect

Jeff Hardy

Chris Jericho is a creative genius. His ability for crafting stories, matches and angles is unparalleled. That being said...even a genius is allowed a few missteps.

A good idea in theory, Jericho decided to introduce a new finisher during his first match for AEW. In the lead up to his match with Kenny Omega, Jericho commented on how he had developed a new finisher that is more lethal than any of his previous moves. That new move was dubbed The Judas Effect and was a spinning back elbow, which to this day no one has kicked out of.

The move has strong MMA credentials, with many fights inside the Octagon being won with a spinning back elbow. In wrestling however, the move looks weak. It is a move that is often found to be a transitional move for competitors like Andrade. So to see Le Champion winning all his matches with this INCREDIBLY protected move just seems a bit too far out of the realm of possibility. To Jericho's credit, he has managed to get the move over massively, but the execution of it leaves a lot to be desired.

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