10 Awful Wrestling Commentary Calls That Took Away From The Moment

9. Gail Kim Isn't A Woman? (Royal Rumble 2011)

Michael Cole

This one is as quick as it is confusing. In the weeks leading up to the Royal Rumble in 2011, Daniel Bryan was shown to be in a kayfabe relationship with Gail Kim. Without letting your mind imagine the kind of super wrestler babies a union like that could produce, remember that the Bellas were both vying for the affection of Bryan at the same time.

During the opening of the historic forty man main event, Bryan faced off against CM Punk, only for Michael Cole and Matt Striker to have this exchange:

Cole: I'm still trying to figure out how [Daniel Bryan] ever got a girlfriend. Striker: It’s Gail Kim, it’s not really a girl…

The comment was just bizarre, and left fans at home wondering what on earth it was meant to mean. Without context, you could argue that Striker was insisting that Kim wasn’t a mere girlfriend but the delivery was far more dismissive.

Unnecessary and off putting, Striker could have said almost anything else to help sell the tension between the superstars.


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