10 Awful WWE Gimmicks Which Somehow Became Awesome

More than a few stars have gone on to make gimmick chicken sh*t into gimmick chicken salad.

The New Day comparison

Although every wrestler on the planet would love their initial or new character to get over with the WWE Universe from the very first moment it's introduced to them, sadly that just isn't always the case.

For every 'Demon King' and 'Deadman' there is always going to be a god awful Vince McMahon attempt at 'comedy' or another generic preachy heel gimmick that fans are forced to endure for months and sometimes years on end.

However, not every originally dreadful character stays that way forever. In fact, over time, what first appeared to be the worst direction possible for a talented performer soon becomes an inspired decision which helps them become a must-see attraction in this barmy company.

You name it. Cringey 'Kings', excruciatingly annoying double acts and borderline unsettling admirers have all managed to marinate for a spell before eventually going on to become one of the most popular acts in the promotion.

Not every character is going to be a home-run from day one. But if a star sticks at it and learns from their mistakes as they go, even the seemingly worst personas imaginable can take off and force fans to cheer or boo for all the right reasons.

10. Seth Rollins - The Monday Night Messiah

The New Day comparison

After a once-promising babyface run came to a disastrous end in 2019, Seth Rollins was in desperate need of a new direction.

That long-awaited alteration came after Monday Night Raw were soundly beaten at Survivor Series by SmackDown and NXT. After slamming the roster for their performance at the PPV, Rollins eventually turned heel and became the 'Monday Night Messiah'.

However, the character didn't fully click early on. This was largely down to the fact that Rollins was being framed as a sort of Christ-like figure and the star himself even admitted that he wasn't comfortable with the 'religious overtones' this initial version of the persona had. This, coupled with a tiring, never-ending storyline with Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens, left fans wondering whether Rollins' new gimmick and faction had much of a future.

Now, after dropping the stained glass windows and locking horns with Rey and Dominik Mysterio in recent months, Rollins has gone on to become one of the few things that makes Monday Night Raw actually watchable at this moment in time.

When you manage to keep an Eye for an Eye storyline from being completely ridiculous and turn a rookie into arguably the most over babyface the red brand has to offer in a handful of matches, you must be doing something right.


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