10 Awkward WWE Auditions

Sonya Deville, Drew McIntyre, Alexa Bliss and more who had mortifying WWE tryouts.

Sonya Deville

WWE tryouts, by their very nature, must be nerve-racking.

The fear of failure must creep into the back of every wrestler's mind - what if Vince McMahon sees them work and thinks they're the sh*ts? What if one of McMahon's lieutenants happens to be having a bad day or gets on a power trip and that scuppers someone's chance straight away? There are a million things to think about.

That's probably why most auditions fans hear about after the fact sound awkward as all hell. Some workers are lucky enough to look back and laugh at mortifying moments now, and that's certainly the case with everyone examined on this list. Every single one of them achieved at least a bit of success in WWE.

No less than three WWE Champions are included too. There's also room for a few more champs who found themselves cringing big time during their first forays into the company, one that seemingly enjoys taking folks right out of their comfort zone as early as possible.

You won't believe some of the embarrassing stories these men and women have to tell.

10. The Boogeyman Lies To WWE

Sonya Deville

Kicking things off? This classic.

The Boogeyman became known for munching worms and terrifying a whole new generation of kids who'd missed The Undertaker's early years or Papa Shango making The Ultimate Warrior spew green goo. Beneath the paints, 40 year old Marty Wright was lying to WWE about his age.

Wright informed Tough Enough's producers back in 2004 that he was actually 30, which...wasn't the truth. This led to a super-awkward moment when WWE learned that their impressive prospective new hire was 10 years older than he'd claimed to be; of course, these “reality” shows are a work, but Boogey himself has since said in interviews that this bit of Tough Enough was pretty much a shoot.

He got called out for trying to deceive WWE chiefs, and they weren't exactly happy about it. Watching Wright try to wriggle his way out of going to his car for ID is still painful today. The poor guy definitely thought he was f*cked after that.


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