10 Awkward WWE Auditions

9. DDP's Announcing Audition Flops

Sonya Deville
WWE Network

Seeing Diamond Dallas Page perform a WWF announcing trial alongside Lord Alfred Hayes in the late-1980s is a trip. WWE featured footage from this audition on Steve Austin's 'Broken Skull Sessions', and it really is must-see stuff. That's especially true if you get a kick out of awkwardness.

DDP wasn't in his element, to say the least.

Looking back, Page could see that Hayes was going through the motions as they worked an intro in front of a green-screened live crowd. This is crazy to say, but DDP was almost too over-the-top for the brash, colourful world of late-80s sports entertainment. Check out the footage for proof.

Also, DDP was just finding his feet as a performer generally. He wasn't quite the rugged, Diamond Cutter-hitting man of the people quite yet - his AWA character had been bombastic and rather silly. That meant he looked every bit like he had no clue how to be a wrestling announcer next to the eras top stick men.


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