10 Behind The Scenes Reasons For Wrestling Characters' Quirks

How was You Can't See Me really born?

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The wrestling business is a rather unpredictable landscape, you'll no doubt agree.

And you never quite know what chance occurrence, conversation, or real-life accident will ultimately lead to a quirk, move, or catchphrase quickly becoming one of the most over parts of a wrestling show.

Some of the most popular aspects of many of the biggest names ever to grace this nutty industry were actually born out of little more than a childish dare, as it goes. Hell, even something as unexpected as an awkward wardrobe malfunction has set the stage for a career-rejuvenating finisher over the years.

Simply put, let this list serve as a reminder to all that you never truly know when inspiration will strike. You merely have to be open to whatever is heading your way and brave enough to try something new.

So, with all that in mind, whether they came about during a delusional yet productive car ride, or just became a thing on the back of a cheeky rib at another performer's expense, these are the real reasons how and why certain notable wrasslin' trademarks were actually brought into existence.

10. Great Balls Of Fire Inspired The "Woo!"

John Cena Roman Reigns

Becoming very much synonymous with The Nature Boy over the course of his high-profile career in-between and away from the ropes, Ric Flair's simple but effective "Woo!" is still being heard in arenas all over the world today whenever a performer opts to let loose a sickening chop on an opponent.

But far from randomly deciding one day that he would unleash the eventually iconic three-letter release out of the blue, Flair would actually reveal later down the road that the "Woo!" came onto his radar whilst driving from town-to-town one night back in the mid-70s.

Listening to Jerry Lee Lewis's well-known Great Balls of Fire track on his way to a TV taping, an inspired Flair decided there and then that he needed to debut his own trademark "Woo!" whilst listening to the explosive tune.

Sure enough, upon treating the fans to this new piece of wrestling gold, the crowd-friendly "Woo!" caught on “instantly”. And after finally choosing to transition this soon-to-be trademark catchphrase onto television, "it took off" and is still being wielded by both fans and Flair's own daughter Charlotte to this day.

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