10 Best Active Wrestlers Over 40

9. Sheamus

Claudio Castagnoli AEW

In an interview with the terrifically entertaining Kayfabe Commentaries (seriously, look it up if you haven't already), Scott Hall (R.I.P.) described himself his WWE role as "upper-midcard". Essentially, his job was to sort the wheat from the chaff for potential main-eventers. Wrestlers who could put on a good match with Scott moved on to the main event scene, while those who didn't fell back down the company pecking order.

It's an essential role in a wrestling company, and one that suits Sheamus like a glove.

Sheamus' time in the main event scene may be over, but the past few years have shown that the Celtic Warrior still has a lot to give to the wrestling business. Ever since his return from concussion in 2020, Sheamus has proven to be an admirable gatekeeper for the company. Feuds against Big E, Matt Riddle and Damian Priest helped prime those wrestlers for the big time (albeit with varying degrees of success), and GUNTHER has come out of his and Sheamus' feud looking like a WrestleMania headliner. (The stare-down between the two is this writer's favourite segment of the year so far).

Wrestling fans tend to be a contentious lot, but there's one thing we can all agree on - everyone loves Sheamus.

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