10 Best Active Wrestlers Over 40

8. AJ Styles

Claudio Castagnoli AEW

Let's face it - the past couple of years haven't been great for AJ Styles fans.

Despite being freed from the burden of carrying Omos (who has surely replaced Sycho Sid as the WWE's biggest ever piece of baggage), AJ has had a shocking 2022. His series against Edge is front-runner for the most disappointing feud of the year, and since then the Phenomenal One has been made to look ordinary in a string of losing efforts.

Frankly, Styles deserves better. He is a generational talent, and seeing him struggle under the misfires of WWE Creative has been hugely frustrating. AJ has been held underwater by bad booking for far too long now - it's time to let the man breathe and show why both Kevin Nash and Kurt Angle picked him as the best they've ever been in the ring with.

Hopefully AJ's upcoming feud against Judgement Day alongside his old pals Gallows and Anderson spark a much-deserved career resurgence for the Phenomenal One.

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