10 Biggest Chickensh*t WWE Heel Champions

10. Seth Rollins

Yeah, he's barely been champion five minutes, but Rollins has already displayed the classic characteristics of the genius 'chickensh*t' heel. He'd saved his Money in the Bank contract for the most opportune moment and got the job done on Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns - who had both beaten lumps out of each other in WrestleMania 31's main event. After scoring the pin and celebrating in disbelief, Rollins quickly showed his true colours. He bolted it out of the ring and sprinted up the ramp with his new gold, celebrating in safety. Not only did the move reinforce Lesnar and Reigns' position as the dominant pair hit at their weakest point, but it gave us a healthy preview of what was to come. Rollins has since kept his distance from an irate Lesnar, backing out of a scheduled rematch on Raw the next night because of 'jet-leg'. It's classic tactics, and something we've not seen executed to its best in several years. The business would benefit from giving this version of Rollins a sustained run on top. He's a beatable champion, and that brings an element of uncertainty that'll keep the fans guessing.
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