10 Biggest Chickensh*t WWE Heel Champions

These guys were never afraid of running away...

Seth Rollins is WWE's new king of the road. He's got the WWE World Heavyweight Championship around his waist, the gift of the gab on the microphone and an insatiable appetite to have the best match on the card. He's earned his position at the top, but the way his reign has started suggests he's not going to be the all-conquering dominator of a champion that his predecessor was. Rollins is beatable. He'll hide behind his boss and good pal Triple H over the coming months, has two punch bags by his side in J&J Security, and Big Show and Kane to add some muscle. But these - and his new-found pussyfoot attitude - are classic characteristics of a cowardly heel who will do anything to avoid losing his title. There's been plenty of Superstars who have adopted this role in the past. But it takes a certain amount of skill and intelligence to maintain the character's (un)popularity. Rollins is set for a lengthy run on top, with the likes of Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and former champion Brock Lesnar all ready to get their hands on the former Mr. Money in the Bank. Rollins hasn't quite reached 'weasel' status yet, but there's a bunch before him who have achieved that title and turned it platinum. The chickensh*t wrestling heel talks the talk but will do anything to avoid walking the walk. And here's ten of the best at fulfilling that role from modern era WWE.
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