10 Best Debut WWE WrestleMania Performances

Who impressed with their first performance on The Grandest Stage Of Them All?

First impressions go a long way in the world of wrestling

A great debut can make or break a career. Just ask The Undertaker. Equally, you can ask The Shockmaster.

A great performance at WrestleMania can have a similar effect on a wrestler's career trajectory. Some of the best matches of all time have taken place under the bright lights of 'Mania and many people have walked into The Show of Shows as wrestlers and left as stars.

So, what happens if you combine the two?

The first time a wrestler walks out for a WrestleMania match should be a career highlight. Be it in a singles, tag, or multi-person match, you're still getting to ply your trade in front of a global audience and share the same stage as countless legends.

Even if you do only last twenty seconds in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

For these ten guys and gals, their 'Mania debuts lasted far longer than twenty seconds and made much more of an impact than somebody's skull hitting the floor after being chucked out by Big Show.

Great matches, iconic moments, and, in some cases, the main event - the following ten performers all made the most of their first time on the 'Mania and their legacies live on to this day in the form of an Internet list written by some guy in his underwear.

Lucky them.


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