10 Best Down The Lens Promos In WWE History

Nothing says intensity quite like staring down a camera.

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When a wrestler feels the need to give another star a piece of their mind or educate the masses on what will happen when they are face-to-face with their rival in a ring, a promo is usually willed into existence.

Usually this involves a star directing their abuse/points at their rival in the ring or towards the vocal fans in the arena.

However, on some occasions a wrestler can opt for another approach entirely.

They look that camera lens square in the eye and try their damnedest to burn a hole through an adversary's head or speak directly to the unsuspecting fan sat watching at home.

This intimate tactic has inspired some of the most distinct and intense mic work in wrestling history.

These moments don't have to fill an entire segment and the down the lens stare could only take up a few seconds in the overall promo. Yet, you can guarantee that they will leave a lasting impression on the wrestling community... if executed well.

Each and every entry on this list definitely was and they all demonstrated exactly would could be achieved from a simple look down the camera.

10. Edge Challenges Randy Orton To A Last Man Standing Match

Edge's triumphant comeback in 2020 was quickly brought to a screeching halt thanks to a brutal attack from his former Rated RKO buddy Randy Orton upon his Monday Night Raw return.

After being conchairtoed to smithereens, Edge was nowhere to be seen on Raw for weeks. He eventually resurfaced on the 9 March edition of the show and tried to launch an attack on The Viper, after Orton had RKO'd Edge's wife Beth Phoenix on the prior week's episode.

One RKO on his rival was all he could muster before Orton scurried off down the ramp. However, this was far from over.

In an empty Performance Center on the following week's Raw, Edge opted to issue a challenge. He didn't have a crowd to engage with or a Viper to provoke in the ring, so Edge instead sent his words straight down the camera lens.

Calling out Orton for being handed all of his opportunities and for being jealous of Edge's ability to overcome the odds, the 'Rated R Superstar' eventually challenged Orton to a 'last man standing MATCH!'

Edge signed off the focused speech by saying that, "This story is not a tragedy, man. It's a redemptive story and at WrestleMania you won't stand back up."

In what would soon become a mainstay of the crowd-less WWE era, Edge proved that you didn't need a rampant crowd reinforcing your words to deliver a powerful message.

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