10 Best Down The Lens Promos In WWE History

9. 'You See This? This Is Blood!'

Ric Flair was always going to make it onto a list of outstanding down the lens wrestling promos because he practically perfected them throughout the course of his illustrious career.

Often conjuring up ridiculous amounts of passion and sending that energy directly into whoever was lucky enough to be watching at home, Flair knew exactly how to get fans interested in what he was selling.

Put them in the firing line.

There are countless examples of Flair expertly firing his words straight at the poor cameraman on site. Yet, one of his finest down the lens moments came during a promo directed at Sting, Dusty Rhodes and Lex Luger during his WCW days.

Starting the interview in typically stylish form, World Heavyweight Champion Flair quickly changed his demeanour when he started to talk about his many on-screen enemies in the company.

Gradually becoming more passionate and unstable as the words began to flow from his mouth, the 'Nature Boy' asked Dusty Rhodes to tell Luger what it was like to 'lay in that hospital' and have a surgeon "take that needle and put it through your head as he pulls the stitches".

Taking the whole thing up another level - after already throwing down his blazer and unbuttoning his shirt - Flair began to pound his own skull and made himself legitimately bleed. Flair then referenced how he'd paid the price in the past as the blood trickled down his face and if Luger didn't 'smarten up' it would be his turn to bleed.

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