10 Best Exceptions To WWE Rules

Rules are for fools.

Vince McMahon swag walk

Vince McMahon has been known as a swaggering, rule-breaking rebel since the mid-80s, and probably was long before his dominance of the pro wrestling landscape.

The WWE boss delights in tearing up everyone else's guidelines and then imposing his own, often utterly bonkers, replacements. That will never change - the dude is 74 years old, and he ain't gonna' mix up his approach to things now. If anything, he's only going more full pelt with his decrees these days.

In-keeping with Vince's way of doing things, this is an unruly collection of WWE rules and peculiarities that have notable exceptions. It's basically one writer's chance to say, 'They always do this...except when they don't or when other people prove them wrong and do things better'. This open-ended method trawls through company history, consuming almost everything outside it (from AEW and New Japan to TNA) along the way.

It's not necessarily a 10-step complaint either. Often, when WWE has changed these rules to suit themselves, it's with entertainment in mind. When others away from Vince McMahon's control changed the game, then that similarly enhanced matches, presentation or drama...


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