10 Best Exceptions To WWE Rules

10. Sports Entertainment Not Wrestling


Kicking things off is the biggest pay-per-view in the industry.

Everyone knows the drill: WWE dislike being called pro wrestling. Vince McMahon would much rather people referred to his business as the all-encompassing "sports entertainment", if only because he believes that's more credible. The problem? His finest creation literally has the word "wrestle" in the title.

The annual springtime celebration of all that's good about WWE isn't called "Sports Entertainment-Mania". No, it's WrestleMania, and that's something Vinnie can't shy away from now. He's produced 36 of the bloody things, so it'd be a bit ambitious to rebrand at this point.

'Mania has always stuck out as an odd showcase event for a company that traditionally likes to pretend it doesn't do that wrasslin' thing. Further problems crop up when seeing that WWE is an acronym for World Wrestling Entertainment, but shh now. They're sports entertainment, damn it.


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