10 Best Goldust Matches Ever

Matches to make sure you never forget the name.

goldust randy orton

Goldust is one of those characters that could only come from the wacky, wonderful world of professional wrestling. Bonkers on paper, the gimmick has exceeded all expectations and has created a legacy like no other in the business.

First introduced in 1995, The Bizarre One has enjoyed no fewer than five separate stints in WWE and is currently still active on the RAW brand. Such longevity is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the man behind the paint: Dustin Runnels.

Walking the jumbled tight ropes of family legacy, controversy, homophobia, and shifting eras, Goldust has become an icon of WWE. With a visual style all his own and in-ring credentials that often get overlooked, Goldust has an impressive back catalogue of matches that simply deserve more attention.

So, grab that pot of grease paint, zip up your vinyl onesie (don’t act like you don’t have one), and let’s make sure you that you never forget the name…Goldust.

10. Goldust Vs. Razor Ramon (Royal Rumble 1996)

Goldust Randy Orton 2013

Long before the character was able to flex its more comedic muscles, Goldust was a hated heel and one of the hottest stars in the company. During his early run in 1995/96, crowds erupted in anger and frustration as the infuriating and antagonizing new heel played mind games with both the audience and his opponent.

Far from a five star classic, this match is more about character development than the actual in-ring work itself. That’s not to say the match was poor, as both men delivered a serviceable contest - but the theatre was clearly the focus.

Marking the debut of Goldust’s new “Director” Marlena, the match saw another layer of mystery added to the character. The lewd and controversial flourishes that garnered so much attention were on full display, yet more questions were being posed. Scott Hall was actually reluctant to work with Goldust at the time due to fears over how it would affect his children.

After his flirtatious mind games got into Ramon’s head, interference from the 1-2-3 Kid and Marlena allowed Goldust to capture his first Intercontinental Championship. The win marked a rare singles title win for The Golden One, and still stands as his most high profile title reign to this day.


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