10 Best Heel Turns In Wrestling History

10. Paul Orndorff Clotheslines Hulk Hogan

hulk hogan paul orndorff

Paul Orndorff and Hulk Hogan clashed in the main event of the inaugural Wrestlemania event. Hogan and Mr. T were victorious that night over Orndorff and his partner Roddy Piper, with Orndorff taking the fall for his team. Piper blamed Orndorff for the loss and viciously attacked his partner on Saturday Night's Main Event. Orndorff turned babyface on that show when he rescued Hogan from a Piper/Bob Orton beatdown and teamed with Hogan numerous times, but cracks started to show in the alliance and Orndorff let his self-esteem problems overwhelm him.

it began when Adrian Adonis began calling Orndorff "Hulk Jr." and joking that the two must be more than friends with how close they were. He called Orndorff soft and said he was playing second fiddle to Hogan. In an effort to show that he and Hogan were friends, Orndorff attempted to call Hulk live on television, only to be told that Hogan was too busy working out to take his call. Ouch.

During a match against Big John Studd and King Kong Bundy, Hogan accidentally knocked Orndorff off the apron and Mr. Wonderful seemed to have injured his eye. A massive heel beatdown on Hogan commenced and only after Hogan was down for the count did Orndorff make the save. He helped Hulk to his feet and raised his arm...only to immediately clothesline Hogan to the mat and deliver a devastating piledriver!

Orndorff was immediately public enemy number one and his run with Hogan was one of the most successful and lucrative in history. An outdoor show in Toronto drew an estimated 70,000 fans and their cage match on Saturday Night's Main Event featuring the infamous double escape drew a monster rating. Ondorff's turn was an overwhelming commercial success.


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