10 Best Intergender Wrestling Matches Ever

When the battle of the sexes hits the ring.

Sami Callihan Tessa Blanchard

Of the many, increasingly wild wrestling forms to garner traction on the indies, intergender wrestling is arguably the most controversial.

Traditionally, pro-wrestling has followed the norms of actual competitive sports in keeping athletes separated via their gender. In recent years, however, intergender matches have garnered significant interest, with stars such as Tessa Blanchard, Taya Valkyrie, and Toni Storm all throwing down with male opponents.

Wrestling puritans have, unsurprisingly, objected loudly to the intergender sub-genre, voicing concerns over its safety and realism as well as potential gender-based violence connotations. Advocates, meanwhile, have praised it for breaking new ground and providing a unique showcase for the athleticism and skill of both male and female performers on an equal platform.

While The Attitude Era often saw Chyna hang ten with the boys, WWE has largely avoided the intergender scene, especially since going PG back in 2008. For now, AEW has mostly followed their example on this front. Despite Impact Wrestling’s best efforts a couple of years ago, intergender wrestling remains a divisive topic in the mainstream. Its potential to grow further will depend heavily on both fan support and promoter willingness, as well as how convincing the wrestlers themselves can make it bell to bell.

10. Jazz Vs. Jason Knight (Heat Wave '99)

ECW strikes again with this predictably brutal showdown pitting the then-still green Jazz against the self-proclaimed (and rather debatable) 'Sexiest Man on the Planet' Jason Knight.

Fresh off a run as the nefarious manager for The Impact Players, Jazz was a female wrestler in a promotion that simply did not have enough female performers to run a division. Never one to be deterred by convention, Paul Heyman gave Jazz the Luna Vachon treatment by matching her up against male mid-carders in hardcore, low blow-laden wars.

Knight goes full heel sleazeball from the get-go here, angling for a kiss from his female opponent at the start of the match. Using his strength to defend against Jazz's agile, explosive offense, Knight eventually crumbles when Jazz headbutts his crotch.

From there, the match gets surprisingly one-sided, with Jazz brutalizing Knight much to the raucous crowd's enjoyment. Sensing blood in the water from the headbutt, Jazz proceeds to go out of her way to give Knight what can only be described as a wrestling vasectomy with two steel chairs. Jazz's dominant victory asserted her as ECW's top female star for much of the promotion's closing stretch. It also led to another zinger from commentator Joey Styles, who deadpan proclaimed Knight 'The Sexiest Eunuch on Earth'.


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