10 Best Intergender Wrestling Matches Ever

9. El Generico Vs. Sara Del Rey (Hot Off The Griddle '12)

Before his retirement to teach orphans in Mexico how to wrestle, El Generico was a beloved fan favorite on the indies, tearing it up in promotions such as ROH, PWG, and Chikara.

It was in Chikara that the pasty luchador impressed audiences with his approach to intergender wrestling. Opposite him was Sara Del Rey who, at this point, is likely better known by many fans for her extensive work as a trainer in WWE. Back in 2012, however, Del Rey was one of the most dynamic female talents in the world.

Over the course of 14 minutes, Del Rey managed to survive El Generico's explosive offense, wearing him out before securing the win with a picture-perfect piledriver.

The action here is fast-paced and engrossing. Del Rey works well from underneath, selling 'The Generic Luchador's brutal beatdown as a gutsy underdog whilst looking for any openings. Her win here wound up having significant narrative impact, with it being used as a springboard for her feud with future AEW-fan favorite Eddie Kingston over his CHIKARA Grand Championship.

While the Kingston match impressed at the time as well, the perfect pacing and snug, watertight worked combat on offer between Generico and Del Rey sets it apart.


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