10 Best Matt Riddle Wrestling Matches You Must See

Find out which Matt Riddle matches are so good you should call a sickie and watch them immediately.


Matt Riddle is someone that people can’t stop talking about. His impressive mixed martial arts career in the UFC was marred with him failing two drug tests after testing positive for marijuana. His time on the independent wrestling circuit involved highly praised runs with EVOLVE, PWG and PROGRESS.

Since signing with WWE, Riddle has reportedly been subject to major backstage heat for creating beef with legends Goldberg and Brock Lesnar. He is rumoured to have had a backstage incident with Lesnar at the Royal Rumble 2020. ‘The Beast Incarnate’ is said to have told Riddle to stop mentioning him on Twitter as he would never fight him.

Is Riddle so good he can say what he wants? Or is he just an attention seeking rookie that needs to think before he posts and instead concentrate on his work in the ring

It is probably a little bit of both. We will leave it to WWE to handle the employee social media training and stick to proving why Riddle should be viewed as one of the top talents on the NXT roster. Here, we bring you ten of his matches that you should check out immediately.


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