10 Best Nicknames In Modern Wrestling

What's in a name? Quite a lot, as it turns out!

Pac Neville
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Never underestimate the power of a great nickname in wrestling.

Bruno Sammartino's "The Living Legend" moniker helped mold him into exactly that; Gorilla Monsoon calling Bret Hart "the Excellence of Execution" helped the relatively undersized wrestler get over in the size-obsessed WWE of the '80s; and would anyone have even heard of "Above Average" Mike Sanders without his brilliantly self-effacing epithet?

In the image-obsessed world of wrestling, what the audience calls you matters. A good nickname latches onto the fans' minds and helps turn a wrestler into an attraction (like The Undertaker, who became the mythical "Deadman"). A bad nickname, however, can harm even the most over wrestler's credibility (like The Undertaker, who also became the idiotic "Booger Red").

The people on this list are lucky enough to be packing the best nicknames in wrestling today. All of them are great wrestlers in their own right, but their chosen appelations helped push them that extra step closer to superstardom. So which Empresses, Monsters, Machines and more made the list?

Read on, fellow WhatCulturian, and find out. (We promise that "WhatCulturian" is the only bad nickname on this list).

10. The Man With The Worst Personality In The World (Minoru Suzuki)

Pac Neville
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Sometimes its the simple things that are the most effective.

A good nickname tells you exactly what its owner is about, and The Man With The Worst Personality In The World informs you of everything you need to know about Minoru Suzuki.

Suzuki built his name by being an ornery badass whose only goal was to destroy his opponents, win or lose. That sadistic streak led to the creation of the above nickname, and it's one the man takes great pride in both in and out of the ring.

Legendary UFC hardman Ken Shamrock has gone on record saying that Suzuki's method of training him was to beat the crap out of him for 30 minutes, and his slaughter of KANA (WWE's Asuka) is genuinely uncomfortable viewing, even knowing that KANA herself booked it.

Few wrestlers have embraced being a heel for as long as Minoru Suzuki, or sunk to the depths he has in the ring to maintain their malignant reputation. But what else can you expect from The Man With The Worst Personality In The World?

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