10 Best Pipebombs In Wrestling History

From John Cena to CM Punk, who dropped the best worked shoot promos in wrestling history?

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The wrestling world has been buzzing lately after MJF dropped what fans are already calling one of the best pipe bombs in wrestling history. In his short career, Maxwell Jacob Freidman has been tapped as one of the best mic workers in the world today, if not all time. With all of his success, MJF is hardly the first person to walk through the curtain with the ability to work a crowd into a frenzy with only a microphone.

Almost always part of a storyline, being able to sell the crowd - both at home and in the arena - on the program you are involved in is one of the most effective ways for a wrestler to get over. While there is no doubt a skill in delivering great promos week after week, some wrestlers have the uncanny ability to blur the lines between storyline and reality.

CM Punk said it best: "In anybody else's hands, this is just a microphone. In my hands, it's a pipe bomb."

A pipe bomb is a promo that goes beyond traditional storytelling, often breaks the fourth wall, and is at least partially coming from a place of truth. Many wrestlers have frequently attempted to give their promos a sense of realism, with few effectively dropping a pipe bomb.

From wrestlers, promoters and even a commenter, there have been a select few names to truly excel at the art of the pipe bomb - and here are ten of the best.

10. John Cena - 28 August 2017

Paul Heyman Vince McMahon

When thinking back on wrestlers who have dropped pipe bombs on the WWE Universe, John Cena might not be one of the first names to come to mind. Despite a career that has relied heavily on towing the company line and PG promos, the 16-time world champion has had more than a few moments on the mic that have left fans with their jaws open. After having a similar exchange with The Rock years prior, Cena knocked Roman Reigns down a peg ahead of their match at No Mercy 2017.

Big Match John proved why he is one of the best in the world on the mic, absolutely dominating The Big Dog in their first legitimate promo. Telling Reigns the only reason Cena was still in WWE was because Roman could not do his job, the one-time Master of Thuganomics called Reigns a cheap John Cena knock-off that the fans would not accept.

While the truth behind everything Cena was saying left fans wanting to see more between the two, the most talked about moment was as the promo was coming to an end. With Roman struggling to remember his lines, Cena said, "It's called a promo. If you wanna be the Big Dog, you’re gonna have to learn how to do it. See ya, fourth wall!"

Though it was clear that Reigns still had a long way to go in terms of improving, Cena's ability to verbally destroy the man pegged to replace him as WWE's top star was a startling moment.

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