10 Best Royal Rumble WWE Title Matches

10. The Undertaker vs Rey Mysterio - World Heavyweight Championship (2010)

This match is the definitive "Big Man vs Underdog" story. And it's played to perfection. Rey Mysterio, the ultimate underdog, against the legendary Undertaker. It was an expertly booked match. The babyface vs babyface aspect, which is rare for a match of this kind, was the perfect setting. It allowed the story to be told from a fresh perspective. Rey, determined to prove to everyone, himself included, that his championship reign of 2006 was no fluke; Undertaker, determined to hold on to his championship, and at this point his legacy, at all costs. And the match was elevated even more by the commentary team (particularly Matt Striker) mentioning that Mysterio has beaten big men before. In fact, everyone he wrestles is bigger than him. He's the expert at upsetting the odds. This helped set the Undertaker apart from everyone else, elevated him even higher, and made this match feel truly special. This match was at the end of Undertaker's final full-time run. After this match he would go on to drop his championship at Elimination Chamber, and then retire Shawn Michaels in the all-time classic main event of Wrestlemania 26. The ending of this match was booked to perfection. Rey Mysterio hit two 619s in a row, but his attempt to capitalise was countered into an incredibly powerful Last Ride. Two finishers will beat anybody, except the Undertaker. A fitting way to end the match while staying true to the characters; Rey's abilities were unquestioned, as was the aura of the Undertaker.

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