10 Best Stories Of First Time Wrestlers Met Vince McMahon

8. Duke Droese Pretended To Be A TV Executive

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Even for those under his employ, it can be an impossible task to get some time with Vince McMahon. For those outside of WWE, especially if you have no connections at the company, it can sometimes require some 'crazy like a fox' thinking to get yourself a few minutes of McMahon's attention.

In the case of Duke Droese, he masqueraded as a TV executive in order to take his shot at convincing Vince to take a chance on him.

During an interview for the Conversations With Love pod, the Dumpster revealed how he pulled off his quite brilliant scheme once he read a newspaper piece making mention of VKM being in Miami Beach to take part in a convention for TV execs.

At that time working at a private beach club, Droese had his boss make a call to a member of the club who just so happened to be an executive for a local TV station. After the exec agreed to let Duke use his credentials, the WWF hopeful got himself suited up and strolled right into the convention and got himself in front of McMahon.

"I just walked in like I worked at the TV station. I just saw Vince by himself and walked right up to him, I didn’t give myself a chance to think about it, and I just pitched him. I said who I was, I wanted to work for him."

J.J. Dillon would call Droese a week later and offer him a job.

For those presuming the real-life Michael Droese was given the horrendous trash man gimmick by WWF, Droese had actually been performing in Florida as 'Garbage Man' Rocco Gibraltar prior to signing with Titan.

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