10 Best Things About The 2002 WWE Brand Split

Big benefits in splitting brands.


The return of the WWE brand split has been met with mixed reactions in the internet wrestling community. Really, we won't know for sure if it is a good or bad idea until a year from now. There are definite concerns that the current roster doesn't have enough stars to function across two brands, especially when injuries come into play. But on the more positive side, it does broaden the spotlight onto a greater number of potential stars.

When the brands previously split in 2002, the same concerns were also a factor, and history has recorded a mixed verdict on how successful it all turned out. The more popular view does tend to be that WWE screwed the brand split up, it ultimately proving something of a failure. Business certainly did suffer in the years afterwards, and before long wrestlers were moving about between brands without care.

But there were some huge positives with the 2002 brand split, benefits that don't always get recognised when looking back on the year and those which followed. There were a lot of great things going on, with some of the matches and storylines being all-time classics. The following were the best from the previous attempt.

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