10 Best Times AEW Threw Shade At WWE

Petty war crimes.


The mere existence of All Elite Wrestling is hilarious on a karmic level because it should not exist. By rights, AEW should not exist.

WWE held a grotesque monopoly over an industry effectively unparalleled in the free market. WWE is a synonym of professional wrestling. WWE has the resources to crush even the faintest ember of competition and did, for a long while.

What's more amusing, at least to those whose intelligence has been ruthlessly insulted by WWE over the years, is that AEW exists now as almost a complete riposte to WWE. They studied the competition and succeeded to an extent not seen in decades by simply doing the opposite: unscripted promos, clean wins only, managers, varied styles, stables, creative control, booking the very young and the grizzled vets alike...


The entire M.O. of AEW - in addition to much of its roster being made to feel like useless meat puppets by WWE - of course lends itself to the odd dig.

What is rarely mentioned is that WWE threw shade at AEW before AEW even ran its first show. Triple H referred to it as a "pissant company" in DX's 2019 Hall of Fame speech. Mere months later, AEW slaughtered his NXT in the ratings battle.

You hate to see it.

Others hate that AEW does this, and if so, this free of charge article you are under absolutely zero obligation to read is not for you.

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