10 Best Triple-Team Wrestling Moves

There's no escape from a good three pronged attack.

The Shield Powerbomb

Wrestling history is full of great trios, from the NWO to The Shield to the New Day - er ...think positive! Six man tags have been a staple of wrestling for decades and have provided everything from epic main events, to midcard filler. Throughout wrestling though very few of these great trios managed to master the ultimate finisher: The triple team.

Sure, double team maneuvers are common place. We all know the 3D, the double Choke Slam, The Doomsday Device, Total Elimination and more indy moves than we can name. But triple team moves are actually a lot rarer than you would think. It is difficult to position three separate wrestlers around one opponent for a cohesive, yet devastating finisher. Because of this, most trios just stick with their individual finishers, or a double team move followed by some kind of dive or submission. Hey, even the NWO never came up with a triple team!

So we have assembled some of the best, most creative and devastating three man moves from across the wrestling universe to show respect to the trios who could pull it off. Not all of them necessarily finishers, but exciting displays of teamwork at its very best.

10. The Triple Super Kick (Young Bucks & Various)


A nice easy one to start off with, the triple super kick is very easy to perform, requires little creativity, keeps an opponent down, and if timed right can also come from out of nowhere. It places low on the list because due to over saturation, it rarely wins matches.

Any three wrestlers could use this, as everybody seems to use the super kick these days, although the most recurring suspects are of course the Young Bucks. Whether it's with Adam Cole, Kevin Steen, or AJ Styles, the Bucks always have room for one more host at the super kick party.


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