10 Best Ways Wrestlers Responded To Crowd Signs

Middle fingers, headlocks, flag humping, and career-changing character turns.

Jade Cargill Beer Break Fan Sign

While they may not be as commonplace as they once were, fan signs can still be seen dotted across many a wrestling show these days.

If looking back at the Attitude Era and the immediate years that followed it, WWE programming was brimming with signs in each and every venue Vince McMahon's sports entertainment juggernaut were in. That's not to say the Attitude Era was the beginning of this trend, mind, for fans had been bringing signs to shows in the years before those days - just not in as much quantity.

Signs can be used to support your wrestling favourites, lambast your most hated villains, attempt to quip wise with some humour, proclaim how much you love bacon, ask Finn Balor to "face f**k" you, or get people guessing what the hell JAG THINDH actually means.

For the wrestlers themselves, some of these signs don't go unnoticed, and some are even directly responded to by the talents in question - either in opposition to what has been penned by these fans, or at times cracking a wry smile at whatever bonkers words are on display.

With all of that in mind, then, here are ten examples of wrestlers reacting to fan signs in some truly brilliant ways.

10. Chris Jericho - Hogan Is A Jedi

Jade Cargill Beer Break Fan Sign

While the vast majority of the entries on this list involve wrestlers immediately acknowledging and responding to fan signs, Chris Jericho went one better and used a 2002 sign as fuel for his promo later in the night.

As detailed on the Hollywood Raw podcast, Jericho talked up how a Hulk Hogan sign at a live event is one of the most memorable signs he's seen in his illustrious, legendary career.

From Jericho, this sign was spotted during his brief rivalry with Hogan in 2002 at a time when Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones was in cinemas. With George Lucas' famed franchise having found itself a whole new generation of fans, one young wrestling enthusiast turned up to a house show with a "Hogan is a Jedi" sign.

Seeing this, Jericho later made reference to the sign in a promo prior to his match with the Hulkster. Cutting a promo on the fan in question, the future Le Champion lambasted the youngster for daring to compare a Jedi to the dumpster fire that was Hulk Hogan.

Going further, this fan later got involved in the Jericho vs. Hogan match when Hulk had the kid slap his opponent in the face.


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