10 Best WCW Entrance Theme Songs Ever

A look back at some of the most iconic WCW songs ever.

Theme songs in pro wrestling are very important. They represent a wrestler, a team or a group. A lot of the time they are used to get a crowd excited or get them booing before that wrestler even makes his way onto the stage. A good song can really help a career. A bad song can really hurt a career. When World Championship Wrestling was running from the early 1990s until their death in 2001, they had hundreds of wrestlers walk through their doors. There have been so many memorable songs that it's tough to narrow it down to just ten of the best, but that's what we're here to do. A lot of the names you're going to see are big names. That's partly because they're the more memorable ones. We remember the stars easier because we've probably heard those songs more often. Some of the songs have lyrics while others are only instrumental. Every fan is different and going to like different styles. Many of the WCW songs were produced by manager extraordinaire Jimmy Hart. He joined the company along with Hulk Hogan in the mid-1990s and he had a major say in a lot of the songs that were used. Some people think of Jimmy as only a wrestling manager, but he deserves props for being a good music producer too. Sorry to the Disco Inferno. You're not going to make it in although your song really was catchy. Who did make it? Here's a look at ten of the best WCW entrance songs ever.
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