10 Best WCW Entrance Theme Songs Ever

2. Goldberg

http://youtu.be/UNdjG2BX0go WCW did a lot of things right with Goldberg. They booked him like a devastating monster and he became one of their biggest stars because of it. They also got his theme song right from the moment he debuted. His song has no lyrics. It's more of a march. There's a basic tune for it, but then there's a great mix of drums and cymbals too. It's the kind of song that you could see a marching band playing as they lead him on stage for a big showdown. What was great about his entrance was the presentation of it too. They would show him walking from the dressing room as if he was a boxer with security all around him. It made him look special. The pyro by the entrance was a nice fit too. It got people excited about him. Goldberg's tune was a perfect example of the right song for the right guy.
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