10 Best Wrestler Vs. Celebrity Feuds Of All-Time

It's not all Snooki and Flo Rida...


Professional wrestling and celebrities don’t often mix well. While WWE have long marketed themselves as an “entertainment” company rather than a wrestling promotion, exciting in-ring action remains their backbone. The business demands showmanship and pageantry, but its top performers have been in and around wrestling rings for most of their lives, and beside them, celebrity guests stick-out like a sore thumb.

From David Arquette’s disastrous WCW Title run to Kevin Federline’s 2006 run-in with John Cena, wrestling history is littered with celebrity runs that have done nothing but drag the business down. The practice is far from dead either: Puff Daddy appeared briefly as Raw’s guest host this week, and who could forget Flo Rida’s embarrassing rap battle loss to Bo Dallas at the turn of the year?

For better or worse, WWE continue interjecting celebrities into their storylines, often at the expense of the wrestlers themselves. When someone spends a lifetime shedding blood, sweat, and tears to make it to WWE, do they really deserve to get beaten-up by Snooki (Michelle McCool) or knocked-out by Mickey Rourke (Chris Jericho)?

Nonetheless, there are several examples where a celebrity’s profile has actually been put to great use in wrestling, without making the fans want to jump off a bridge. Here are the 10 best wrestler vs. celebrity feuds of all-time.


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