10 Best Wrestlers Who Were Never WWE Champion

10. Jake 'The Snake' Roberts


One of a few in this list that had his best years whilst Hulk Hogan was having his, Jake Roberts rightfully felt a touch unlucky to not get a run with a top prize in WWE after turning heel too late in his stint to become a regular 'Hulkster' foil.

'The Snake' was a secondary tier babyface underneath the biggest star in the history of the industry, and turned heel too late to transfer his white hot heat into green before bad luck and personal demons conspired against his career trajectory.

Roberts is the type of performer often underserved by the narrative that he did a lot with a little - he was far smarter than that suggests. Whilst not quite as skilled as his more technically proficient peers, Jake's grasp on psychology made his moveset mean multitudes more than many that appeared ten times as skilled.

He was, in the truest sense of the word, a "worker". He worked and worked and worked to burrow into the emotional psyche of an audience rapt in his every move. In a world without Hulk Hogan, he could have had it all. He was sadly one of the bigger victims of a "Universe" experiencing its first megastar.


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