10 Best Wrestling Podcasts Right Now

9. E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness

Wrestling Podcast
E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness

Taking some of the comedy from their surprise WWE Network hit show and blending it with earnest assessment of the current product, Edge and Christian have struck an excellent balance that's ideally suited to their adoring audience.

A lengthy banter section opens most shows, but the hosts are both amiable enough that it rarely drags. Notes on their personal lives are augmented by detailed discussions on the things they love the most in the industry, with Edge's glittering singles career almost always paired with Christian's immaculate grasp of in-ring psychology to give both gravitas to new listeners.

Their interviews with modern stars are always enjoyable, particularly for how 'E&C' refuse to take the spotlight away from their subject. Unlike other wrestler hosts that all-too-often steal the conversation as if it were a heat segment in a territory clash, the Canadians work tirelessly to put over their guests - something particularly useful when the superstar in questions has already gushed just to get the opportunity to be on their show. It's something of a safe space for the modern WWE Superstar, itself perhaps a welcome reprieve from some of the time they have to spend walking on eggshells in their day job.


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