10 Best Wrestling Reunions Ever

Reunited and it feels so good.

Kane Daniel Bryan Team Hell No

There were few less likely scenarios at the turn of the year than Kane taking a break from politics to team up with Daniel Bryan as part of Team Hell No. But that's just what happened on the latest SmackDown, and the odd couple tag-team will now face off with The Bludgeon Brothers at Extreme Rules.

The happy faces around ringside said it all. This popular reunion was yet another super-emotional moment in Bryan's comeback trail.

Things don't always go to plan when splintered tag teams or factions reunite years after disbanding. That's true in almost every single occasion, because keeping the early momentum going is something creative teams in WWE and beyond have found difficult. That can't change the fact they're awesome when they first happen - it's that initial electric moment of reconciliation that makes them so special anyway.

Bryan and Kane aren't the only ones to re-embrace, reinvent themselves or dust an old favourite off years down the line. Wrestling has had its fair share of great reunions over the years, and Team Hell No aren't even the only ones who have decided to put aside old tensions to "hug it out" either...


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