10 Best Wrestling Storylines Ever

7. The Summer Of Punk

The WWE's incarnation of the Summer of Punk was actually the second incarnation of such an angle, the first coming during the Straight Edge Superstar's Ring of Honor days. Having finally won an emotional second ROH Championship, CM Punk immediately turned heel post-match, disparaging the company and revealing his intention to take the belt with him to the WWE. That angle was unquestionably the better-booked of the two, but the WWE's Summer of Punk brought wrestling to mainstream attention in a way it hadn't been since the Attitude Era. Easily the hottest angle of the decade so far, it saw Punk air his (very real) grievances at being overlooked despite his considerable talent, before promising to win the title on the eve of his contract expiration and take it from the company. Defining Moment: Money In The Bank 2011; Punk backs up weeks of talk by defeating John Cena in a five-star classic. Vince attempts to stop him by calling in an Alberto Del Rio cash-in, but the Straight Edge Superstar flattens the Mexican aristocrat with a muay thai kick to the skull and escapes through the partisan Chicago crowd with his WWE Championship.
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