10 Best Wrestling Tag Team Names Ever

The lost art of naming your tag team.

Demolition WWF

Tag team wrestling is undergoing something of a renaissance in World Wrestling Entertainment. Under the watchful eye of tag champions The New Day, a whole host of teams have come together looking for success in the tag ranks. It's a long way from the miserable days of the mid to late 2000s, that's for sure.

There also seems to have been something of a revival (yes, pun intended) when it comes to naming teams. Up until the past year or so, thrown together teams were likely to be saddled with nothing more than names for a moniker, for example Dash and Dawson or Gable and Jordan. Something changed however, and these two teams became The Revival and American Alpha respectively.

Tag team names have been a staple of professional wrestling for a long time, and there have been some absolute classics over the years. 

These range from the foreboding and fearful to the silly and stupid, with both WWF/E and other promotions coming up with some great puns and violence-centric tandem names...

10. Rock 'N' Sock Connection

Demolition WWF

Whilst it pains me a little to see Mick Foley's career reduced in this instance to the fact he had a popular spot involving a sock, the team of Mankind and The Rock provided a vast amount of memorable moments during WWF's Attitude Era. The duo were known as the 'Rock 'n' Sock Connection', because obviously.

The team would go on to win the WWF World Tag Team Championships three times, coming together out of necessity to battle the imposing team of The Undertaker and Big Show. Whilst this era was full of thrown-together main event wrestlers winning tag team gold, the fact that Foley and Rocky got themselves an actual name signified something more than a throwaway partnership.

In many ways, it is the 'connection' in the name that tells the most. The two truly did have a connection, dating back to that time Rock blasted Foley with way too many chair shots in front of his family.

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