10 Best WWE Debuts Of The 2010s

There have been many memorable debuts in WWE over the past decade, but which are the best?

Paige Debut AJ Lee

There's nothing quite like a first impression, especially in wrestling.

There have been many memorable debuts in the company over the years; Kane ripping off the door of the Hell in a Cell; Diamond Dallas Page revealing himself as the stalker; the Gobbledegooker bursting out of a giant egg. We said memorable, not good.

These maiden appearances have gone down in history (for one reason or another) and always come up in conversation when wrestling fans discuss "the best debuts of all time". But do any recent debuts deserve to be included in this discussion? Well, the following ten are certainly in with a shout.

WWE have had such an influx of talent over the past ten years and whilst it feels like the main roster has forgotten how to do a good debut right, there have been some exceptions to this.

The following ten debuts have been ranked on quality, memorability, and significance. There will be a few caveats for some of these debuts, but we'll get into those as and when we have to...

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