10 Best WWE Debuts Of The 2010s

10. Bobby Roode

There was nothing particularly spectacular about Bobby Roode's first appearance in NXT, but it began a beloved tradition that is still alive and well to this day.

Fans of TNA knew exactly who Bobby Roode long before he ever arrived in WWE. He was one of the promotion's biggest stars, winning almost a dozen championships with the company, including their top title twice.

He became a free agent in 2016 after over a decade with the company. Speculation ran rampant about where he would end up next, but very few people could have predicted that the next place we'd see Roode would be standing in the front row of an NXT show.

At TakeOver: Dallas - NXT's biggest show to date - Roode was shown standing in the crowd and everyone went ballistic. Here was one of the biggest unsigned acts in the world and he was just sat in the crowd, like just another fan.

Roode wouldn't make his first NXT TV appearance until four months later; the story of his signing being dragged out for months and months. Roode began the tradition of future signees sitting in the crowd of TakeOver events and, for that reason, he deserves an inclusion on this list.

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