10 Best WWE Face Turns Of The 2010s

Who warmed our hearts over the last ten years by turning to the good side.


If you're a keen reader of this website, then you'll have no doubt seen our list of The 10 Best WWE Heel Turns Of The 2010s.

Naturally, you can't have one side of the coin without the other: the 10 Best WWE Face Turns Of The 2010s.

It's telling that this list was much harder to compose. It seems like the art of a good face turn has been lost in recent years; gone are the days of Batista putting his thumbs down to Evolution, Andre the Giant turning on Bobby Heenan, and Randy Savage reuniting with Miss Elizabeth.

Whilst heel turns are often big, memorable moments designed to shock fans, more recent face turns are often slow builds with characters gradually becoming fan favourites over time. Or they just turn up as a heel one week and a face the next, *cough* Alexa Bliss *cough*.

That being said, we have still been treated to some brilliant face turns over the last ten years. Some have become legendary, some have been overlooked, and some were never meant as face turns at all. But we got them and here they are.


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