10 Best WWE Superstars To Ever Wrestle In The Elimination Chamber

Who has made a habit of emerging victorious from Satan's prison?

Kane Triple H Elimination Chamber

Hot on the heels of the 'Worst Superstars To Wrestle In the Elimination Chamber' list comes the opposite side of the coin: the 10 Best Superstars To Have Competed In The Elimination Chamber.

The denizens of the previous article were the lesser celebrated superstars that most fans would like to forget ever entered the hallowed demonic structure; but this article will feature the very best of the best of the wrestling business from the last couple of decades.

Well, it will mostly feature the best of the best. There may be a few surprises ahead as well!

Through a complicated and scientifically irreproachable algorithm (kind of), this list will study the number of appearances each superstar has made, offsetting that number against their victories and eliminations in the Chamber, before reaching a definitive Top 10 list that only a madman could question. Theoretically.

Before the list begins, here are some quick statistics to whet your whistle: there have been 17 Chamber matches in WWE since its inception in 2002 (the 2 matches at the upcoming PPV on 31st May will be the 18th and 19th).

There are only 3 men who have won more than 1 Chamber match, and these men account for 9 victories out of the 17 matches.

Spare a thought for Daniel Bryan, however, the only man to win a Chamber match but not appear on this list. His record of 3 appearances, 1 victory and 2 eliminations is pretty impressive, but falls just short of inclusion in the Top 10.

10. Jack Swagger

Kane Triple H Elimination Chamber

Appearances: 1

Victories: 1

Eliminations: 1

Jack Swagger's record in Elimination Chamber matches is pretty much perfect when you think about it. While it is surprising to think that Swagger was over enough, at one point, to not only be booked in the match, but to win it too, his record speaks for itself. He's been in one match, which he won by eliminating Randy Orton; that's not too shabby.

Swagger's appearance in the Chamber came at the 2013 edition of the PPV. Having been repackaged a few weeks before the event as a self-proclaimed 'Real American' hero who took cues from a new manager, the preposterously moustached Zeb Colter, Swagger had longer hair, a beard and a new attitude. Colter's gimmick was extremely anti-illegal immigration, which naturally didn't sit too well with the then-World Heavyweight Champion (and proud Mexican) Alberto Del Rio.

It really shouldn't have come as a surprise when Swagger won the Chamber match, setting up a neat inversion of the usual 'USA vs Foreigner' storyline that WWE loves so much. But fans just could not fathom Swagger beating Orton, Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan, amongst others, so it was a huge shock when he pulled it off and went on to challenge Del Rio at Wrestlemania 29.

He lost that match, by the way.


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