10 Best WWE Superstars To Ever Wrestle In The Elimination Chamber

9. Bobby Lashley

Kane Triple H Elimination Chamber

Appearances: 1

Victories: 1

Eliminations: 2

If a cold chill just washed over you, that's probably because 'The Destroyer' (as he in currently known in TNA) Bobby Lashley's appearance in the Elimination Chamber came at the horrendous December To Dismember PPV in 2006. This unspeakably bad event was criticised in the previous article for 'starring' the likes of Hardcore Holly and Test and is not something that should normally be remembered. You know, unless it's being brought up in a list-based wrestling article.

Lashley gains a spot on the countdown, however, because he shares a similar record to Jack Swagger. One match, one victory. But he went one better in the eliminations category, racking up a total of two (Test and Big Show) on his way to glory.

Lashley went on to have a run as ECW World Champion and featured at Wrestlemania 23 against the rampaging Umaga, in the 'Battle Of The Billionaires' match in which Lashley was represented by Donald Trump and Umaga by the villainous Mr McMahon.

Vince ended up getting his head shaved that night and then continued to feud with Lashley over the ECW title, wrestling a handicap match or two with the help Of Umaga and son Shane. Vince even pinned Lashley for the title at one point.

Oh Vince, you rascal.


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