10 Best WWE Win/Loss Records Of 2018

Celebrating those fortunate enough to break out of the dreaded 50/50 booking club.


Strong win/loss records are hard to come by in the land of 50/50 booking, but while the majority of WWE Superstars once again finished 2018 with typical 45-55% win rates, a surprising crop of wrestlers were able to split from the pack and establish themselves as in-ring dominators.

A few criteria before we begin. First, only main roster wrestlers with more than 10 televised bouts were eligible (NXT, NXT UK, house shows, and other dark matches aren't included). Raw, SmackDown, 205 Live, and pay-per-views all count, and as this is a collation of binary wins, losses, and draws, there's no distinction between clean and dirty finishes.

A plethora of huge names failed to make the cut. Daniel Bryan might be WWE Champion, but his 57% win rate wasn't enough to break the top 10, and neither were AJ Styles' 63% or Seth Rollins' 62%. Only a handful of WWE's top-ranked women make the cut as well, despite their recent show-stealing performances.

Nonetheless, this year's list makes for interesting reading, with many names coming as a surprise to all but the most hardened of kayfabe statistics nerds...

(Note: All figures are career as of TLC 2018 (16 December))


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