10 Big Concerns Heading Into WWE Crown Jewel 2021

How could WWE make Crown Jewel any less enjoyable? Well, there are these possibilities...

Roman Reigns squashed

The pandemic took an awful lot away from wrestling fans.

It's not over, despite the world rushing back to normality and seeing white-hot wrestling crowds has been something we have all missed. We can only hope that the necessary precautions are in place, as wrestling really shouldn't dictate the end of a worldwide, world-changing pandemic.

With that said, one of the slimmest of silver linings was that there was no Saudi show last year. Getting away from the clear sportswashing and WWE's moral bankruptcy (they still held a show there weeks after the brutal and disgusting murder of Jamal Khashoggi), these shows, from a wrestling perspective, have not been good.

Remember when Goldberg dropped the Undertaker on the top of his skull, doing his best to finally kill the Deadman? Or how about when the same walking hazard snatched the belt from The Fiend, murdering not the man behind the mask but any credibility he held. Or when the Heartbreak Kid broke our hearts for one embarrassing paycheque?

This show is littered with terrible moments and despite an uncharacteristically decent build to some of these matches, there is serious potential for WWE crapping the bed once again.

And how could they crap said bed, well...

10. Ending Mansoor's Purpose

Roman Reigns squashed

The title of this concern isn't supposed to be mean.

Clearly, Mansoor has got some skills between the ropes and he has shown some signs of developing since arriving on RAW earlier this year. But he is still pretty green and sticking him in another "how can they co-exist?" tag team with Mustafa Ali has been a smart move.

Together, they had slowly become one of the more bearable parts of Monday's three-hour slog and there was an obvious, slow-burn storyline to play out with Ali either bringing Mansoor up to his level and they claim the gold, or the inevitable split after coming so close.

WWE realised that Mansoor, the hometown hero of these Saudi shows, didn't have a match on the card so they hot-shotted the break up to this past week and now, besides these Saudi shows, Mansoor is directionless.

Mansoor needs to beat Ali. Otherwise what the hell was the point in it? Surely they could have just built a quick, two week feud with a team like Alpha Academy or the Dirty Dawgs and have Mansoor finally show Ali he was worth his time?

If Ali beats Mansoor, not only doesn't it defeat the purpose of the turn, it kind of makes Mansoor completely redundant as a main roster concern.


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