10 Big Concerns Heading Into WWE Crown Jewel 2021

9. Nobody To Root For

Roman Reigns squashed

Before we talk about the terrible booking of the horrendously named 'Queen's Crown Tournament', let's just highlight that some changes to women's rights in the country, the WWE are still running a tournament for women in a country which treats them terribly.

They couldn't even call it 'Queen of the Ring' for goodness sake.

But looking at how little time has been dedicated to even making it seem like a legitimate tournament, it's quite clear that this is a publicity stunt for both the WWE and the host country itself.

No one in this tournament has been made to look halfway credible and the clamouring for Shayna Baszler to take the crown was based purely on the potential the WWE are not exploiting. But they couldn't even get that right.

We are now left with a final between Zelina Vega and Doudrop, two talented performers who have been saddled with rubbish creative and negligent booking. Honestly, who are we supposed to root for her? This is what happens when you neglect a division beyond a few stars because this would have been an opportunity to boost a new star into the title picture.

Now it's just an opportunity to wish they had done something different.


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