10 Big Concerns Heading Into WWE Extreme Rules 2021

Could we be set for another Horror Show?

Extreme Rules demon

WWE Extreme Rules doesn't have a very extreme feel to it this year.

Last year, during the worst parts of the pandemic, the WWE offered up some interesting content for Extreme Rules, all be it with a terribly thought out subtitle. 2020 was, in itself, a Horror Show. Now, with fans back in attendance, we are still waiting for WWE to give us something to get us off our seats,

The excitement of Becky Lynch, John Cena and Brock Lesnar dominating SummerSlam has simmered and WWE has coasted towards this pay-per-view, seemingly doing their best to react to the growing excitement bubbling over at All Elite Wrestling.

Having exhausted the big returns, they pulled the trigger on Big E cashing in his Money In The Bank contract. Whilst the fans are clearly behind the New Day man winning the big one, it reeked of desperation and looking at the card for Extreme Rules, it feels like we could be heading towards some desperate times indeed.

With that said and, as of this writing, only six matches announced, there is plenty to be concerned about heading into WWE Extreme Rules...

10. Lack Of 'Extreme'

Extreme Rules demon

Years ago, the WWE would book feuds that would reach a natural conclusion within a stipulation match, usually in line with the story. But as the content factory it has become, it is now the other way around.

Pay-per-views based on a single stipulation have watered down almost every stipulation within the company, whereby having three Hell In A Cell matches at a show called Hell In A Cell, makes it almost impossible to get excited for them. The same it can be said, with Extreme Rules.

There are some semi-decent feuds currently bubbling underneath the usual blanket of staleness at the moment, and they could definitely be enhanced by adding a few stipulations. It is possible that the Edge vs. Rollins match will be added to the card this Friday on SmackDown, and it will most likely have a stipulation given their animosity.

But what about the rest of the matches? Apart from Reigns vs Balor, none of the other five currently booked matches have any sort of added spice to them, making this Extreme Rules event not only laughably tame, but it has the worrying feeling of being just like any of the weekly shows.

Just please, no Chair Matches. Save that for TLC.


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