10 Big Problems Caused By WWE's Upcoming Returns

Cena 'nuff?

John Cena Seth Rollins

WWE are about to be inundated with major names returning to the ring, which on paper is a very good thing. Star power equals money.

Some of the returns were confirmed by Vince McMahon in his spring conference call, with John Cena, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, and Bray Wyatt all mentioned.

No doubt about, these men are excellent in-ring workers and promo maestros. In the case of Cena, he brings a whole mainstream audience. They'll add value to the product.

But could the benefits of these returns also bring some major downsides? It is always the way in the wrestling business: big names bring big demands. In accommodating the top talent, look how WCW turned out in the late nineties. Short term gains do not always equal long term value.

It isn't just the managing of spots that will be a problem for WWE, it is a problem of managing audiences. Different people like wrestling for different things. Some would love to see WWE follow through with AJ Styles as WWE Champion, yet legions of fans still identify with Randy Orton and John Cena as WWE's mastheads.

There's going to be an impact on the current wrestlers and storylines when the old guard are back, especially as WWE look to get the brand back to its strength. But how do they compromise bringing back past glory with establishing future fortunes? Here's the specific problems.

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